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Womens Windsurfing Wetsuits

A windsurfing wetsuit has different requirements to a surfing wetsuit. What’s in common between the two types is they must fit very snugly to work correctly, and you must feel comfortable in them…perhaps you must even feel like you’ve nothing on! Windsurfing specific wetsuits are generally smooth skin construction, which hold minimal moisture in outer surface, and this in turn reduces windchill. You can use double lined wetsuits, like most surf suits for windsurfing, but when it’s cold out, you want to be in a smooth skin wetsuit if at all possible. Same for kitesurfing and SUP…both arguably are wind based water sports where you are not immersed 100% of the time. Feel free to ask any queries that you may have…we’re here to help, and you’re welcome to try these wetsuits on at our shop.