Affordable Surf Gear at

Affordable surf gear

Buying affordable watersports gear from has just got a whole lot easier!

With household bills seeming as if they are never ending these days, it makes it difficult to buy new gear, right?  Right.  At we’ve come up with some great ways to help you trade up, or being honest, ways to “justify” why we need these new toys.  Check them out…


No matter how old or battered your old surfboard is, or no matter how torn your old windsurfing sail is, we’ll make you a darn good offer to buy it from you on a trade in!  We can also look at taking a batch or quiver of equipment from you as trade in against a new product from our shop.

How?  Send some pictures of your used equipment to:, and we’ll contact you back when we’ve had a chance to look through it all.


Flexi-pay watersports
Flexi-Pay at

Watersports equipment can be expensive…we know this.  So to help you cover the cost as much as possible, we can offer you a payment scheme that will make your new equipment more affordable.  It’s simple as can be, secure, safe…and no hidden clauses!

With you can now pay fixed amounts against your order, over a set period of time, and once your order is fully paid for, we will release the order to you. Flexipay is the new, easy way to pay for your goods, letting you get all the equipment you’ve ever dreamed of, without putting one big dent in your wallet!

Please click HERE to see how you can benefit from Flexi-Pay and how to set it up!

Along with Flexi-Pay we have also introduced a new Buy-Back Promise which gives our customers the best value options around!


Buy-Back Promise at

When the time comes to upgrade your equipment, we promise to trade back your used equipment from you, once it was originally purchased from, at a more favourable trade rate…so you know that you will always get the best value from Couple this with our return customer discount and it’s a win-win when you need to find new affordable surf gear!

Please click HERE to read more about our buy-back promise and how you can avail of it!


For more information on any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact us on +353 23 (0) 8850018 or email us at: and we’ll be happy to help!

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