Blow-Out Kayak Accessory Sale!

Carlisle Folding Anchor Kit kayak accessory sale

What better way to start off your kayaking season, than with a bargain!  Check out our Kayak Accessory Sale to make some serious savings!

For our kayak accessory sale we have boxes of new kayaking gear that we’re clearing out of the warehouse at the moment.  Everything is brand new, unused, some of it still even in the factory wrappers!

From anchor kits to spraydecks and waterproof tops, the kayaker in you will put some of this to good use.

There’s killer prices on all this gear too…it’s a real clearance sale, so get in there quick and order online!

Please CLICK HERE to view all the kayaking stock on clearance and to p-p-p-p-pick up yourself a bargain!

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