How to buy a windsurfing rig.  Expert advice from the team at

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Windsurfing lets you harness the winds natural power, to travel at speeds in excess of 50 knots, and to jump to heights in excess of 15m.  With foil windsurfing now popular, average weight riders can fly in as little as 8 knots of wind with 5m sails.

While windsurfing is the cheapest form of sailing, compared to other board based watersports, new beginner packages are seemingly expensive.  For example, a windsurfing package can be 10 times more expensive that a beginner bodyboarding package.  At bigsurf, we know that not everybody can spend €3000 on a new windsurfing package, so being the best windsurfing shop in Europe, we have more options to get you on the water.

Below is some info to help you order a windsurfing package.

The windsurfing quiver

Everybody builds their windsurfing quiver over time.  Your ‘quiver’ is your collection of boards, masts, sails, booms, and accessories.  Windsurfers do this for two reasons.  It is generally too much of an outlay to just buy everything you need for wind conditions ranging from 3 – 50 knots.  Also as you progress, your equipment needs will change.  The ideal is to start with a mid sized package, spend time on the water perfecting your technique, and then build your quiver from there as you need it.

The windsurfing budget

A good used equipment package from bigsurf, will realistically require up to €1200 of your hard earned cash.  Sometimes we have cheaper packages available, but they are uncommon.  This is for modern equipment, that will suit the beginner to intermediate rider, and is all in a good used condition.  There will be no, or a very limited product warranty on used gear, but everything would be checked over and fit for use.  It will be sized correctly for you by our expert staff.  It will be easy to set up when you arrive to the beach…it’s important to make it easy, as often rigging up your sail is a deterrent to time on the water.

For a new windsurfing equipment package from bigsurf, you may require an investment of up to €3000.  But don’t worry…if you don’t need to spend it, we won’t let you.  With new gear, you get a full manufacturers warranty.  There is no corrosion to worry about, everything fits together properly, and it’s sized to let you progress quickly, safely, while having fun.

As your windsurfing progresses

Our beginner windsurfing packages can be expanded as you progress with your windsurfing.  You can usually add different sized sails for different wind strengths, by using your original mast and boom…this keeps the cost down for you.  We also offer a Buy Back Promise, so it’s easy and good value to change your equipment as you progress.  We also put other like minded windsurfers in your locality, in touch with you, so you always have someone to go windsurf with…for safety, never windsurf alone.

Now go get wet!

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