Jack Clohessy – u18 Bodyboard Champion 2015

Jack Clohessy

Bigsurfshop.com advocate Jack Clohessy was recently crowned u18 bodyboard Champion 2015. We caught up with him to hear how the competition went…

Jack Clohessy u18 bodyboard Champion
Jack Clohessy u18 bodyboard Champion 2015

Coming to the end of the summer I had a competition up in Donegal. It was the last one of the 2015 tour so the category 2015 winners. The waves were due to be pumping so I was really looking forward to it.

We woke up early, had some breakfast and were at the competition site for 8:50am, the waves looked unreal! Head and a half to double over head on the biggest ones and nice and clean with the offshore breeze! I was keen on a surf before my heat so I paddled out with David Hartley, an under 16 shortboarder! It was great surfing with just the two of us out catching nice clean waves for about an hour!Jack Clohessy u18 bodyboard Champion

My heat was on at 12:30 against fellow Cork man Billy “Billzo” Cronin. I was looking forward to competing in good waves with just the two of us out. We paddled out and I caught a good few waves. I finished the heat in first place with two 8’s and an overall heat total of 16.00. I was happy with how I surfed in the heat.

One of my friends then text me saying that one of the reefs in Bundoran was pumping but I was trapped in Rossnowladh. To help my broken heart and to pass some time I went for a 2 hour surf in Rossnowladh and had a bit of fun trying drop knee!Jack Clohessy u18 bodyboard Champion

The presentation started at 6:30pm and everyone got medals. Then they announced the tour winners, I won the under 18 bodyboarding, so I was happy! We then shot over to Bundoran to surf one of the reefs and myself and Billy jumped in straight away! It was pumping and just us, Jason and Garbhan out, trading epic waves for an hour and a half! I would like to thank Jason for the help with positioning out there! I was delighted, we caught some really fun waves. Jack Clohessy u18 bodyboard Champion

Overall it was a fantastic weekend for me and my club! I would like to congratulate everyone on their wins and good luck next year!

Jack Clohessy u18 bodyboard Champion

Jack Clohessy u18 bodyboard Champion

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