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Life jacket has a great range of life jackets available online or in-store in our shop in Clonakilty.

If you’re looking to buy life jackets in Cork, or get one shipped to anywhere in the country you’ve come to the right place. offers a wide variety of PFD’s, Buoyancy Aids, Impact/Crash Vests and life jackets. The brands we stock include Helly Hansen, Dakine, Breathe Boardwear and Neil Pryde.

Your life jacket or bouyancy aid is one of the most important parts of equipment you need while out on the water.  Wearing a life jacket or buoyancy aid gives you protection. It helps you float, makes you visible, gives impact protection, and helps retain heat. If you’re taking part in a watersport, you should have a buoyancy aid. If you’re a parent, insist that your kids wear one…it can save their life when on the water.

So what’s the difference between a life jacket and a bouyancy aid?

Life Jackets:

Should be used by children or people who are unable to swim well enough to help themselves get to safety if they go overboard or have an accident while on the water. Life jackets will also aid people in the water who have been knocked unconcious as it keeps the head above water. A lifejacket is usually the preffered choice for people using offshore or coastal waters, however, the type of life jacket used should be determined by the environment, conditions and users clothing. Life jackets should be bought to fit the user correctly at the time of purchase, allowing for “growing room” will render the lifejacket unsafe at the time of purchase as it will rise above the users head when in the water creating more difficulty.

Bouyancy Aids:

As the name suggests these are used to simply increase the users bouyancy.  People wearing a bouyancy aid should feel confident enough in the water to swim and help themselves get to safety or be able to wait in the water comfortably until help arrives. It is recommended that these are only worn in sheltered areas where help would be close if the user needed assistance. Bouyancy aids are a popular choice amongst watersports enthusiasts as it allows for movement and manouverability. Bouyancy aids should fit the chest to give maximum freedom of movement.

If you are in any doubt as to what type of PFD, buoyancy aid or life jacket you should be buying please contact us by phone or e-mail and we’ll be happy to help. Or better yet, visit us in the shop and try one on to ensure you have the perfect fit!

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