VW Transporter T6 Review by bigsurfshop.com

bigsurf VW Transporter T6

This is our review of our 2016 VW Transporter T6 panel van.  It’s a surfers review, of one of the most iconic surf vehicles on the planet!

Have you seen our review of the VW Transporter T6?  Let our Pearse show you around.  Now we know Pearse is no Jeremy Clarkson, but this is a real review, in the real world.  See what you think….it has been most helpful to a number of customers so far.

We love this van.  It’s the biggest Euro 5 engine at the time, with 180bhp and 400nm of torque.  This fiited is kitted with a host of extras like 7 speed DSG gearbox, heater windscreen and seats, sliding doors either side and slightly larger 18″ alloy wheels.

If you’d like to see us review something else, please let us know…we’ll only be too glad to put another one of our staff in front of the camera!

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