When we met RRD Y24 …

Pearse at bigsurf in the RRD shaping room

We were lucky enough to make the trip to Italy for the RRD Y24 dealer meet on 24-Sep-2018.  4 days testing new RRD gear, in 30degC heat….of course we went!

Presented with all the new windsurf, kitesurf, SUP and wetsuit collections from RRD, even the doubters came away seriously, seriously impressed to say the least.  Here is John Skye talking us through the windsurf sails…

Highlight of the trip has to be the foil equipment for SUP, windsurf and kitesurfing.  Foiling is in the process of transforming our watersports….don’t miss out, talk to us about being part of it…you’d need to be an expert rider to enjoy foiling.

Of course we got into the RRD shaping room too…see pic above.

One thing immediately evident about the visit, the guys at RRD are totally sincere, and very genuinely passionate about their sports, equipment, friends and family. It definitely starts with the top man…he is supremely knowledgeable about all his designs…its not just marketing blurb.  Here is Roberto Ricci, the owner of RRD, chatting with us.

Definitely one of the best watersport trips we’ve had the pleasure of taking part in.  For more info on RRD, please do check the RRD website, check the bigsurf website, or contact us…info@bigsurfshop.com

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